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Born in Belgium and now living in New York, Shreya Mehta, a fourth generation diamond business family, knows the ins and outs of the diamond industry. With Selling.NYC, she strives to disrupt the secondary fine jewelry market  by cutting out the middleman.  By leveraging the global distribution of about 6000 retailers from their parent company, Amipi Inc., Sellring.NYC can offer competitive pricing for customers.  Mehta understands the emotions that come with selling and or buying jewelry and has created a safe and trustworthy environment for every customer on this journey.

Often jewelry from a failed relationship carries bad energy and memories and sits in a drawer not gaining any value. Turn the negative into a positive and sell your jewelry for the most you can and use the money for something you love!

This discussion between Amicable Divorce Network founder, Tracy Ann Moore-Grant, and SellRing NYC founder Shreya Mehta covers why to sell your jewelry and how to do it safely. If you want to contact SellRing you can find them at: