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Membership Cost & Details

Bronze - one county in one state (or one Canadian province) and one business category - $299/year

Silver - four counties in one state (or four Canadian provinces) and two business categories - $499/year

Gold - unlimited counties in one state (or unlimited Canadian provinces) and unlimited business categories - $749/year

Platinum - unlimited countries/states/counties/provinces and unlimited business categories - $999/year

The Membership Level that you select determines how many countries, states/provinces, counties and business categories will be associated with your membership when a potential client performs a search on the ADN website You may select sub-categories when registering.

Membership limits are determined by the population of a geographic area. Once a category in a particular area reaches capacity, we no longer accept members in that category. We can waitlist you in maxed out categories so you can move into any position should it become available.

Choosing Gold or Platinum levels does not allow membership in maxed out categories but will automatically waitlist you for those areas.

Memberships are annual, but you may select quarterly payments when registering. Membership terms agreed upon at registration.