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Who We Are

The Only Global Network in the World Vetting Divorce Professionals For Being Experienced, Resolution-Focused & Engaging in Fair Billing Practices

The Amicable Divorce Network (ADN) is a global network of seasoned, licensed professionals who are dedicated to helping families navigate divorce through the Amicable Divorce Process, a modern, civilized, transparent, and cost effective alternative to adversarial divorce litigation. We are the only network in the world vetting divorce professionals for their experience, commitment to a resolution-focused practice, and engagement in fair billing practices.

Dedicated to Supporting Low-Conflict, Child-Centered, Ethical and Efficient Divorce

The Amicable Divorce Network (ADN) connects and empowers solution-focused family law specialists including attorneys, mental health clinicians, real estate agents, insurance, mortgage, and wellness and financial experts, alternate dispute resolutionists, among other professionals who are eager to provide expert advice and guidance to divorcing couples while avoiding traditional, destructive litigation procedures.

We enable professionals to be successful in divorce solutions through our facilitation of a comprehensive platform that includes training, networking, visibility, and marketing opportunities. Our programming is geared toward helping to drive the individual and collective goals of our members through webinars, events, courses, and specialized certifications, including the Certified Amicable Divorce Professional (CADP) designation, among other resources. ADN provides opportunities for interdisciplinary training on topics including amicable divorce for families with unique challenges such as addiction, complex assets, children with special needs, and marginalized populations. Our training programs continue to expand to cover the intricacies of families our members may work with.

“Through our lens, we have seen the immediate and positive impacts the Amicable Divorce Network has on the family law system. Within this powerful network, we can control the legal environment and process to ensure all parties receive respect, transparency, and fairness.”
-Tracy Moore-Grant, Founder and Chair of the Board, Amicable Divorce Network

In a practice area traditionally driven by conflict and attorney-generated costs, ADN founder Tracy Moore-Grant, a practicing divorce attorney in Georgia, sought to relieve emotional and physical burnout in a profession that is saturated with lawyers who sacrifice the best interests of clients for personal financial gain. An important aspect of our network includes helping lawyers build a sustainable practice free from the stressors of a traditional, profit-driven firm. By following the Amicable Divorce Process, we are working to collectively to remove conflict from the divorce process, and create an emotionally healthy option for attorneys seeking to support divorcing couples.

A Trusted Worldwide Referral Source for Ethical, Honest, Productive Divorce Specialists Since 2019

The Amicable Divorce Network connects vetted family law professionals who believe in a solutions-focused approach to divorce outside of the court system. Our network focuses on providing content and information to professionals in family law about the benefits and best practices of a low-conflict, child-centered, and efficient divorce process. Members share the goal of using their experience and efforts to help more people improve their lives while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle that is not conditional to the schedule of the court system.

Membership is granted to licensed professionals following a unique vetting process that ensures their authenticity in leading a solution-oriented practice committed to an amicable approach to divorce. As the only family law organization in the world that vets professionals before issuing memberships, ADN maintains a high standard of expectations and code of ethics for all members. In doing so, we have established a trusted referral source for ethical family law specialists worldwide.

Our network is not singular to attorneys. We understand that there are many professionals involved in the divorce process to make it truly amicable and productive. Licensed professionals and services we invite for membership include:

  • Attorneys
  • Arbitrators
  • Visitation Supervisors
  • CPAs
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Mediators
  • Special Needs Experts
  • Mortgage Professionals
  • Financial Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Business Valuation Experts
  • Parent Coordinators
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Divorce Assistants
  • Coaches

Prospective members can submit a membership inquiry and application to be reviewed by our Board or be referred by an existing member. Membership is limited to geographic areas by population size to ensure reasonable access to amicable divorce professionals. Our board carefully reviews each application to ensure members meet the requirements and expectations for inclusion:

  • Have a minimum of five years of experience in their field of practice
  • Exemplify resolution-focused efforts in their work
  • Engage in fair billing practices

“By working together to dismantle the power-hold of the courts, we can change how divorce affects families and professionals through efficiency over billing.”
-Tracy Moore-Grant

We are truly committed to changing the divorce system as it exists and aim to support and educate our deserving members who are also committed to our mission. In addition to the tremendous networking benefits, membership to ADN also includes:

  • Professional profile listing on for visibility to other divorce professionals and
  • Professional profile listing on for visibility to other couples seeking amicable divorce professionals
  • Free access to our technology platform hosted by
  • Free training on the Amicable Divorce Network Process
  • ADN member discounts
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Amicable Divorce Professional™
  • High credibility marketing visibility via social media posts, blog posts, press releases, official badges and video interviews (for Platinum members)
  • Opportunities to speak at professional and public audience events
  • Access to members-only events and webinars

Meet Amicable Divorce Network Founder, Tracy Moore-Grant

Tracy Moore-GrantTracy Moore-Grant is an experienced Georgia family law attorney and mediator practicing since 2002. Her pursuit to improve the many issues surrounding divorce law has resulted in her recognition as a Top 10 Female Family Law Attorney in Georgia since 2015. In 2020, she was awarded the Georgia Legal Award for Distinguished Leadership for founding the Amicable Divorce Network, and in 2023 she received the Southeastern Legal Award for Distinguished Leadership for founding the Amicable Divorce Network, the Amicable Divorce Process and the network's international expansion and positive impact on family law.

Divorced herself, Tracy is sensitive to the needs and issues divorcing couples face. Frustrated by the disservice of the traditional family law system and emotionally burnt out from the aggressive and negative nature of the general practice, Tracy was unsure if family law continued to feed her passion to help others. In 2018, she shifted her career to take an educational approach, reflecting on whether or not she could move forward in family law in its current state. Teaching granted Tracy an opportunity to engage learners with her unique perspective on family law and led her to find new inspiration through education and leadership. Tracy was reminded of the impact she could have as a leader in bringing like-minded thinkers together to help people through creative and meaningful problem-solving.

Tracy acted on her idea to build a network that eliminated negative, unhealthy, and high-cost practices for attorneys and clients, and ADN was founded in 2019 as a reliable and experienced community that welcomed a civilized approach to embracing amicable divorce. She continues her work as an attorney and mediator at Patterson, Moore, Buttler where she puts her ideas, training, and leadership into practice.

ADN has grown under Tracy’s leadership to a collective of hundreds of professionals from around the world. Her unique vision has impacted thousands of families engaged in the amicable divorce process as well as providing alternative solutions for practicing attorneys and professionals eager to change the trajectory of their lives and others.

Leadership Team

Tracy Moore-Grant

Tracy Ann Moore-Grant
Founder and Chair of the Board

Jennifer B. Brown

Jennifer B. Brown
Mortgage & Real Estate Chair

Dennis Collard

Dennis G. Collard
Development Chair

Alyson Lembeck

Alyson Lembeck
ADR Chair

Stephanie Robins

Stephanie Robins
Mental Health Chair

Amy Carter
Membership Chair

Traci Weiss

Traci Weiss
Legal Chair

Ashley Pepitone

Ashley Pepitone
Professional Wellness Chair

Ravit Rose

Ravit Rose
Coaching Chair

Casey Tuggle
Events Chair

Open Position
Financial Chair

Open Position
Public Education Chair

Open Position
Member Education Chair