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Membership Benefits

Amicable Divorce Network Membership Benefits

Founded in 2019 in Georgia, the Amicable Divorce Network has quickly grown into an international organization of experienced divorce professionals committed to providing low-conflict, out-of-court divorce solutions to families.

The Amicable Divorce Network is the only organization in the world that vets divorce professionals prior to membership for being experienced in their industry (5 years experience required), being resolution-focused, and engaging in fair billing practices.

Once members join, the Amicable Divorce Process training is free to all members.

Certified Amicable Divorce Professional BadgeThe Amicable Divorce Process is a step-by-step process, in which only members are trained, is a private, flexible, and organized out-of-court process. Individuals interested in keeping their matter out of the court system, yet desire professional guidance through this important process, have been gravitating to professionals vetted by the Amicable Divorce Network. More and more individuals seeking divorce are looking for amicable and cost-effective solutions, and our network is ready to assist.

Membership is limited by geography (limits are based on the population of each county/geographic unit/parish) and by professional industry (such as mediator or real estate agent). Once the limit is met for the geographic area, we no longer accept members for that particular category, and membership is closed. The first 20 members in any state or province are designated as “Founding Members” for so long as they are members of the organization.

All members receive the following benefits of membership:
  • Online profile on our Amicable Divorce Network website which you can customize;
  • Corresponding profile on the DivorceAmicably website which promotes Amicable Divorce to the public;
  • Individual social media announcement about your membership on our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts;
  • Access to our members-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups;
  • Invitations to members-only events both in person and online focusing on networking and education including our monthly “Amicable Hour” event;
  • Free training for all members including receptionist and legal assistant training, ADN Process Training, How to Incorporate Amicable Divorce into your practice and more;
  • Opportunity to be a part of our ADN Dispute Resolution Exchange Program assisting mediators in the US, United Kingdom, Canada & Spain to resolve family law matters through monthly online meetings and a shadowing program;
  • Free access to our technology platform hosted by, which can be used for your amicable and traditional family law cases;
  • The opportunity to speak and present your expertise to our membership and the public;
  • The ability to take the Certified Amicable Divorce ProfessionalTM (CADPTM) designation training and then Special Designations in areas like Addiction, Special Needs Children Gray Divorce, Child-Centered Divorce, Financial Expert and more.

Based on the membership level selected, members may also choose to elevate their membership and receive the following additional benefits:

  • The ability to submit blog posts to our blog for posting;
  • The opportunity to record an Amicable Divorce Podcast available on Apple and Spotify;
  • A personal interview focused on you and your expertise that is specifically marketed via SEO to highlight your professional experience.

Members can join by receiving an endorsed invitation from a member or applying for membership. The application is under the “Member Resources” tab.

Benefits of Being an ADN Member