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Distinguished Leaders: Tracy Ann Moore-Grant

The partner with Patterson Moore Butler in Cumming was honored for her success as the founder of the Amicable Divorce Network and creator of the Amicable Divorce Process.

Tracy Ann Moore-Grant, a partner with Patterson Moore Butler in Cumming, was honored for her success as the founder of the Amicable Divorce Network (ADN) and creator of the Amicable Divorce Process which now boasts a highly advanced technology platform available at no cost to members and amicable clients.

“In less than three years Tracy Ann has grown the ADN presence from Georgia to 20 other states and counting as well as the United Kingdom and Canada,” according to her nominator essay. “To date, the network has hundreds of members of licensed, experienced divorce professionals-including attorneys, mental health clinicians, financial experts, and other specialists. Additionally, in 2022 Tracy Ann created and launched the Certified Amicable Divorce Professional (CADP) designation.”

The Daily Report asked Moore-Grant the following questions:

What inspired you to become a lawyer?

I did the mock trial program in high school and really enjoyed it. I worked in law firms in college and decided this was a really good fit for me.

Please describe work on a case or issue that has made you proud to be a lawyer during the past year (or anytime in 2022).

I am now a nonlitigation family law attorney. I am really proud of all of the cases I am able to settle for families outside of the court system, which prevents unnecessary negativity and preserves the co-parenting relationship.

What qualities should a lawyer possess to become a successful and effective leader?

I think attorneys need to always remember that they are the caretakers of their client’s best interests and remember that they need to always be advising and making decisions in cases that best serve the client.

How do you see the field of law evolving in the next five to 10 years?

Particularly in family law, we are seeing a shift toward low-conflict solutions and away from costly and destructive litigation. Clients are getting very savvy about the divorce process and doing a lot of research prior to beginning their divorce. The trend is certainly toward what will be cost-efficient and cause the least amount of emotional damage.