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Presented by Michael Bean, CPA, CDFA and Divorce Sense, LLC

Finds the Money

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA ) helps you gather, track and analyze all financial data, including every aspect of each type of retirement plan. A CDFA helps find hidden or “forgotten” marital assets.

Crafts Property Division Scenarios

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst works with you to craft a variety of financial scenarios to demonstrate the short and long-term consequences of property division. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst utilizes multiple software programs that are tailored to divorce finances, taking into account asset divisions, each spouse’s projected income, and expenses; as well as tax consequences.

Helps Solve for Alimony

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst helps your client prepare a detailed and realistic spending plan. A CDFA “solves” for alimony. Guess work is eliminated  with alimony calculations that demonstrate “her need” and “his ability to pay.” Solutions reflect how much she needs and for how long.

Analyzes Tax Consequences

A CDFA identifies and analyzes various tax considerations and consequences, including
federal and state income taxes, capital gains taxes, taxable assets vs. not taxable assets vs. tax deferred assets, net spendable income calculations for self-employed spouses.

Saves You Time

A CDFA can draft the QDRO for your review and signature.

Tasks include: Distinguishing between qualified and non-qualified, and ERISA and non-
ERISA plans; working with the Pension Plan Administrator and navigating rules, terms and
amendments of the Summary Plan description; defining and determining the financial impact
of various payout options; planning for the impact of death of the employee or non-employee spouse.

Affirms Your Strategy

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst educates your client by providing Financial Proposals illustrating potential property divisions that affirm your strategy, so that your client can make informed decisions. Each spouse may be provided with their own personalized cash flow illustration, including
information such as his/her expenses, earnings, Social Security, pensions, alimony, child support, personal and retirement assets.

Provides Expert Testimony

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst works with you to prepare trial exhibits and charts to substantiate your Equitable Distribution Proposal.

Michael Bean is on the National Board of Directors for the

Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP), and is an active member of the Institute of Divorce Financial

Advisors (IDFA), as well as the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants, 

where he served on the Financial Literacy Committee. He has been featured in Divorce Magazine, Business Radio X, and has been a recipient of Atlanta Magazine’s Five Star Wealth Manager 
“Best in Client Satisfaction” for three consecutive years.

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