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Join us for this Amicable Divorce Discussion with Amicable Divorce Network member, Andrew Hatherley. Andrew is a CDFA and host of the Gray Divorce Podcast. This discussion focuses on how those divorcing over 50 will benefit from an efficient out of court process offered by Amicable Divorce Network. Andrew Hatherley is the founder and CEO of Wiser Divorce Solutions and Transcend Retirement and the host of The Gray Divorce Podcast, which is focused on mid-late life divorcees.

After going through his own mid-life divorce, Andrew decided to focus on helping others avoid the financial and emotional stress so common in divorce. Andrew is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and has over 25 years’ experience in investment management and financial planning. He has also studied with leaders in the field of positive psychology and is a strong advocate for the role creativity can play in personal growth after trauma. His goal is to help recently divorced people build the financial foundation for a meaningful life after divorce. Reach Andrew at