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Have a Drama Free Christmas Morning with These tips

We have all seen the memes and SNL skits poking fun at (typically) Mom not getting anything in her stocking on Christmas morning while she has knocked it out of the park for everyone else in the family. One of the #1 reasons that women report initiating divorce is feeling underappreciated and having to do everything for the family. So this Christmas let’s change that! Below are some tips to build the perfect stocking for the lady in your life who does it all.

Selecting at least 1 item from each category will build a great stocking. Most of the items can be purchased with one stop to CVS, Target or the Dollar Store! It isn’t about cost it is about taking the time to get a few simple items with the C C N FF method.

C (Candy): pick her favorite candy, and get that, and then one other candy item. If she likes chocolate, get 2 chocolate items. You can add gum, TicTacs, mints, etc.

C (Cozy): everyone loves to be cozy! Great items in this category are: fuzzy socks, scarf, gloves, ear muffs, slippers (Dollar Store has GREAT fuzzy socks-just $2!)

N (Nails): anything for fingernails including polish, remover, nail file, cuticle oil, hand lotion.

F (Face): anything that goes on the face including makeup, facewash, lip gloss, chapstick, eye mask, face mask, sleep mask (really any kind of mask). Avoid face hair remover. Trust me.

F (Fantastic Surprise): this is the only item you need to think about and it should be personal. Here are some examples to get you started: hand lotion version of favorite perfume, gift card for coffee, earrings, lottery ticket, Ulta gift card, etc. The more personal the better!

It isn’t about the cost, it is about just doing it, taking the time and being thoughtful!