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Each year the Amicable Divorce Network honors members and supporters who submitted a blog article during the year. Blog posts are focused on issues before, during and after divorce. Blog posts can all be viewed on the Amicable Divorce Network blog here: or the DivorceAmicably blog here:

The nominees for 2023 are:

Janet Price, Parenting Coach & California Amicable Ambassador

Hirsch Serman, CDFA & CPA, Illinois

Stephanie Willison, Attorney & Mediator, Arizona

Cary Jacobson, Attorney & Mediator, Maryland

Mike Bean, CDFA & IDFA, Georgia

Winners are selected by ballots submitted by Amicable Divorce Network Members. Winners will be announced at the Amicable Awards Luncheon, March 8th, 2024 at the Graduate Hotel in Nashville, TN.