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In this interview, we sit down with Atlanta-based Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coach Pamela Traynor. She works virtually with clients all over the US. She is the Founder of Traynor Life Coaching, LLC and brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her practice.

Pamela’s approach is not merely about navigating the intricacies of divorce, but about fostering holistic well-being and personal growth. Through her tailored coaching packages, she empowers individuals to embrace their inner strength, find clarity amidst uncertainty, and pave the path toward a brighter future. With a personal journey marked by a “Gray Divorce” experience, she deeply resonates with ADN’s ethos of amicable separation. Her personal and transformative journey from initial discord to harmonious resolution underscores her unwavering belief in the power of compassion and collaboration.

Beyond her professional accolades, Pamela’s heartening dedication to her clients shines through. Rooted in compassion and guided by experience, she provides unwavering support, educational insights, and practical strategies to navigate the often tumultuous waters of divorce and life transitions.

Through her favorite mantra, “Today, I open my heart to beautiful new beginnings,” Pamela exemplifies the transformative power of embracing the change divorce brings and crafting one’s destiny.

Meet Atlanta, Georgia Certified Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coach Pamela Traynor!

Full Name: Pamela Traynor

Title: CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach) and CDC (Certified Divorce, Transition and Recovery Coach)

What is the name of your business or firm? Traynor Life Coaching, LLC

Which state(s)/county(ies) do you service? I work remotely, as a Platinum ADN Member I service all states and counties.

Which professional field do you work in? I am a Life/Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coach.
I work in fields including:
Family Law, Arbitration, Visitation Supervisor, CPA, Estate Planning Law, Mediation, Special Needs Services, Mortgage Industry, Financial Industry, Real Estate, Business Valuation, Parent Coordination, Bankruptcy Law, Mental Health, Divorce Assistant and Coaching.

How many years of experience do you have within your field? I became a Life Coach in 2014 and worked helping clients navigate many life transitions, including divorce. I became a CDC, Certified Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coach in 2021 and have maintained my certification through CEU (Continuing Education Units).

What certifications do you hold? Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coach.

What related services (if applicable) do you offer? Life/Divorce, Transition and Recovery Coaching packages are available. I offer a complimentary 30-minute Discovery call at which time I learn the client’s most immediate needs and create a timeline for their priorities, to move forward in achieving goals in a measured timely manner. Package A is an 8-hour time commitment / Package B is 16 hour commitment / Package C is 24-hour commitment ( Packages are typically 1 hour per week and can be adjusted to meet client needs, remote/Zoom calls with me, email follow-up after each scheduled call to include a written plan for the week including exercises to be completed and discussed at next session, 3 motivational texts each week to inspire. Package pricing is on my website,

What drew you to join the Amicable Divorce Network? I love the concept of Amicable Divorce! I became divorced many years ago. My divorce was what is now considered Gray Divorce because we were together and then married for almost 30 years. Initially, we had difficulty discussing anything and both thought court was the way to dissolve our marriage. After two years of separation and preparation, we were advised to try mediation. We agreed and in two sessions were able to compromise, agree, and sign documents for the court to approve. I am proud that we were able to do this amicably.

How does your firm/practice/business impact the lives of families and individuals? I empower, educate, and inspire my clients to be their best selves in their divorce. I provide positive emotional support and help them discover options that are best to serve their families and themselves.

What makes you stand out as a professional, or what do you do that sets you apart? (Experiences, community partnerships, awards, etc.) I am compassionate and experienced, lived the divorce process while raising 3 sons, I am certified and educated to know how I can help my client best fit their needs.

What has been the biggest benefit of your membership with ADN? I am proud to be a member of an amazing community and the concept of amicable divorce is one that I believe in both personally and professionally.

Do you have a favorite/saying/words to live by?

“Today, I open my heart to beautiful new beginnings.” –Pamela Traynor

This saying came to me after a dream I had during my divorce process. I have written about this topic, I create Art around this topic and the realization that you can create what you want your life to be has been a bright light in my life and I hope inspires all of the people that I coach through their life transitions to become their best.

Pamela, it has been SUCH a delight interviewing you! Thank you so much for taking the time to share more about yourself and your work!