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Philadelphia area Amicable Ambassadors, Kathy Bloom & Joanne Kleiner, have assembled a tremendous group of vetted divorce professionals in the Pennsylvania area. The first 20 members in any state are considered Founding Members by the Amicable Divorce Network. The Amicable Divorce Network is the only organization in the world vetting divorce industry professionals for being resolution-focused, experienced in their field and engaging in fair billing practices.

Congratulations to the Pennsylvania Founding Members:

Kathy Bloom

Joanne Kleiner

Liane Davis Anderson

Susan Appel

Mark Bleczinski

Maribeth Blessing

Peter Bort

Cathy Cardozo

Khristine Catalang

Dave Emery

Ellen Fischer

Dr. Deb Gilman

Michael Kleiman

Gwen Lentine

Carla Marino

Alison Pettine

Josh Rothbard

Michael Schreiber

Lee Schwartz

Cynthia Stein