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The Amicable Divorce Network recognizes the first 20 members in a jurisdiction as Founding Member. Led by Amicable Ambassador, Suzy Miller, the following professionals are named Founding Members for the United Kingdom handling divorce clients in England, Scotland and Wales:

Suzy Miller, Amicable Ambassador, Divorce Strategist

Caron Barruw, Psychotherapist

Susan Bennett, Chartered Financial Planner

Austin Chessell, Solicitor & Mediator

Celia Conrad, Relationship Expert

Gail Churnery, Counselor

Ruth Driscoll, Life Liberator

Kyla De Graauw, Counseling Psychologist

Henry Ellison, Chartered Financial Planner

Helen Greenfield, Solicitor & Mediator

Rebecca Hawkins, Solicitor & Mediator

Judith Higson, Family Law Solicitor, Scullion Law

Sue Lee, Hypnotherapist

Sarah Langford, Trauma Release & Energy Healer

Chloe O., Divorce Coach

Jo O’Sullivan, Solicotor and Mediator

Joanne Phillips, Mediator

Jenni Rock, Parenting Conflict Resolution Expert

Laura Rodrigues, Equity Release/Mortgages

Debbie Talalay, Stamford Healing Process

The Founding Members have been vetted for being experienced in their profession, having a resolution focus to family law issues and engaging in fair billing practices. The Amicable Divorce Network is the only organization in the world vetting divorce professionals on these criteria. You can connect with these professionals on our website under the Membership Directory.