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Andrew Hatherley Member

Andrew Hatherley, CDFA®, CRPC® wrote an article, “How Much Will Getting Divorced Cost You?” for personal finance website Kiplinger, discussing the costs associated with different divorce methods.

Hatherley, an Amicable Divorce Network member, is the founder of Transcend Retirement, LLC and Wiser Divorce Solutions, LLC and hosts The Gray Divorce Podcast.

The article examines the main cost differences between a litigated, mediated, collaborative, and amicable divorce, emphasizing that the right method depends on the circumstances of your case. He also highlights the unique challenges faced by older divorcees, stressing the importance of exploring non-litigious alternatives to mitigate financial setbacks.

“The key distinction between getting divorced in our 30s or 40s, vs going through a gray divorce later in life, is our mortality. When we’re older, we simply have less time left in our lives to recover from the financial setbacks of divorce. The message I continually stress to my older clients in the early stages of divorce is that we need to explore alternatives to the litigious process.”
-Andrew Hatherley,

Hatherley discusses several key factors that influence the costs of divorce. He notes the complexity of the case, such as intricate financial situations, business valuations, alimony, and high-conflict relationships, can significantly increase expenses. Additionally, he emphasizes that the duration of the process plays a crucial role; longer proceedings, particularly those involving litigation, tend to be more costly. Finally, the involvement of various professionals, including attorneys, mediators, coaches, and financial advisers, directly impacts the total costs, with more professionals typically leading to higher expenses.

Andrew suggests that opting for an amicable divorce provides a less contentious and less costly alternative to litigation. By fostering cooperation and mutual respect, this approach can significantly reduce the emotional and financial stress often associated with traditional divorce proceedings. He advises empowering yourself by consulting professionals early in your divorce journey and gaining a thorough understanding of each option, enabling you to make the most informed and beneficial decision for your unique circumstances.

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