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Todd Huettner Member Interview

The traditional divorce process often exacerbates conflict and miscommunication between couples making it unsuitable for an amicable separation. Designed for high-conflict situations, traditional divorce often leads to prolonged legal battles, escalating costs, and emotional strain. Ultimately, this animosity strips control from those with the most at stake causing lasting harm to their families. In contrast, a cooperative approach can save time, money, and stress, putting couples in control of their finances and their families’ futures.

Navigating the financial complexities of a divorce can be daunting. Second-guessing the decisions you’re making and accepting the details in your divorce agreement without knowing what is right for your financial future is exhausting and leads to indecision. That is why expert guidance is crucial to navigating divorce successfully.

Navigating the Financial Complexities of Divorce – ADN Interview with Todd Huettner, MBA | CDLP® | CDS®

Todd Huettner, MBA | CDLP® | CDS®, is the founder and president of Denver Divorce Professionals, a Divorce Finance advisory firm, and Huettner Capital, a mortgage bank in Denver, Colorado. He is a leading expert in divorce finance and a member of the Amicable Divorce Network. He specializes in helping clients understand the financial implications of their divorce agreements, ensuring long-term stability. Todd provides tailored financial advice and in- depth analysis, guiding couples through the complexities of divorce to make informed decisions that secure their financial future.

“When it comes to mapping out divorce solutions for my clients, I use my “Never Just Say Yes” approach. Instead of simply saying “yes” to a client request, I find out what they are trying to accomplish. Then we explore all of their options to achieve that goal looking for ways to reduce costs and risks, gain flexibility, make tradeoffs with their spouse, and maximize the outcome for both parties.”

-Todd Huettner, MBA | CDLP® | CDS®

With over twenty years of experience in the finance, mortgage, and real estate industries, Todd’s career in real estate began with his family-owned commercial real estate company. Since then, he has held his real estate license in multiple states, worked as a financial analyst, and been a consultant in various industries. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and then a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

After four years in real estate lending, Todd launched Huettner Capital to address the mortgage needs of clients dealing with complex situations including divorce. He developed The Financial Separation Plan to guide divorcing clients through the divorce process. The plan shows couples how to successfully separate their real estate and financial lives without destroying their finances. Unfortunately, it was often too late for clients to come to him after their divorces were finalized to change their agreements and avoid costly mistakes.

Todd saw the critical need for in-depth financial reviews with comprehensive planning to ensure couples could implement their divorce agreements as intended. With this need in mind, he established Denver Divorce Professionals where he provides divorce financial consulting for couples working together collaboratively or individuals dealing with conflict and an adversarial spouse. His process provides a path forward by eliminating fear and doubt from clients’ financial decisions by providing clarity in actionable information so they can move forward with confidence. Todd regularly partners with other legal, financial, and mental health professionals to provide couples with a complete solution. He also supports clients by conducting mediation, participating in arbitration, and testifying in court as an expert witness.

An active leader in the community, Todd serves as the Executive Vice President of Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the National Association of Divorce Professionals, and many other professional organizations. He is committed to advancing industry education for the benefit of divorcing families and regularly conducts training for groups including domestic relations judges through the Colorado Courts, family law professionals through the Colorado Bar Association, and many other professional financial and real estate organizations.

“A major part of my education came from my clients. They taught me many of the creative options I use to resolve cases and reach amazing agreements. Others, who sought my help after their decrees were finalized, showed me how to avoid just about every way things can go sideways. Twenty years of these experiences taught me invaluable lessons that benefit my current and future clients.”

-Todd Huettner, MBA | CDLP® | CDS®

Todd learned about the Amicable Divorce Network from a fellow Colorado member. He saw ADN as a unique group that aligns with his philosophy of fostering cooperative, low-conflict divorces. Many of his clients desire an amicable separation, and ADN provides the perfect platform to support this. Todd is looking forward to getting more involved locally with ADN and helping more couples navigate their divorces with peace and financial security.

“Amicable… to me, means respect, cooperation, bargaining in good faith, and finding your path forward together.”

-Todd Huettner, MBA | CDLP® | CDS®

Todd Huettner’s dedication to helping couples navigate the financial aspects of divorce has made him a valuable member of the Amicable Divorce Network. His expertise and innovative techniques offer a pathway to a more peaceful and financially secure future for divorcing couples. By choosing Todd’s approach, couples can reduce conflict, make informed financial decisions, and move forward with confidence.

Learn more about Todd Huettner and his work at Denver Divorce Professionals and Huettner Capital.