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Our Process

The Amicable Divorce Process is an efficient and civilized alternative to litigation, based on a structured, problem-solving approach.

Open and Transparent
Open communication and full, guided disclosure through a structured and transparent process.

Driven by Your Priorities
Based on your concerns and priorities rather than an uncontrollable process in which priorities are hijacked by big personalities and combative litigation.

Accommodates divorces of any complexity, from uncontested cases that require only limited advice to the most complicated situations that require additional resources.

No Court
Private, mutually acceptable, fully informed settlement outside of court and without litigation.

Professional Advice
Seasoned, licensed professionals provide personalized advice, from basic guidance to the most complex situations that require sophisticated solutions.

Based on a team approach rather than adversarial game playing.

Cost effective, reasonable rates focused on your specific needs, rather than runaway expenses commonly seen in court driven litigation.

Each is step scheduled within our Network, rather than a court deciding when your case moves forward.

Modeled after the linear way that you naturally approach problem solving.

A step by step by step approach with milestones and goals that are clearly understandable.

A modern process that is based on well-established concepts of mediation and arbitration.

Provides you with resources and information needed to make an informed decision about the terms of your divorce.

Driven by their unique needs, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Protects your personal facts and reputation and avoids the need for court filings containing sensitive information.

Provides you with a final, legal divorce, without public trial.