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Coaching for Amicably Divorcing Couples: Strategies for Maintaining Wellness and Balance

Divorce coaches, distinct in their expertise and approach, play an indispensable role in guiding couples through the intricacies of amicable separations.

In today’s evolving landscape of marital dissolution, the trend of amicable divorces is on the rise. Couples are increasingly seeking separation pathways that prioritize mutual respect, understanding, and minimal conflict. While this approach offers numerous benefits—both emotionally and financially—it can still be challenging. Communication hurdles, boundary issues, and societal perceptions are just a few of…

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The Pitfalls of DIY Divorces: How Legal Professionals Can Guide the Process

Navigating Divorce Amidst Court Delays: The Amicable Divorce Solution

In recent years, court delays have become a significant hurdle in the resolution of numerous legal matters, particularly in divorce proceedings. Long wait times for hearings and trials can extend what is already a painful and emotionally draining process for couples seeking to part ways legally. This growing issue was amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Seven Reasons Why Attorneys Choose to Work with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Presented by Michael Bean, CPA, CDFA and Divorce Sense, LLC Finds the Money A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA ) helps you gather, track and analyze all financial data, including every aspect of each type of retirement plan. A CDFA helps find hidden or “forgotten” marital assets. Crafts Property Division Scenarios A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst works with you to craft a…

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What is the Amicable Divorce Network? Professionals-watch now!

This is the June 2023 presentation of “What is the Amicable Divorce Network?” by founder, Tracy Ann Moore-Grant. This video is for professionals only and focused on how the network’s membership process works, geographic membership limits, what the Amicable Divorce Process is, how this is different from collaborative law, current Google trends with divorce and…

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The Weaponization of Technology in Family Law

Many clients feel that they are paranoid when their soon to be former spouse simply knows too much about their location and private discussions. This presentation by Steven Bradley, former FBI Agent and Technology Specialist for Our Family Wizard sheds light on the weaponization of technology in family law. Learn about spyware, stalking techniques and…

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Amicable Divorce Network Founder receives Southeastern Legal Award

Distinguished Leaders: Tracy Ann Moore-Grant The partner with Patterson Moore Butler in Cumming was honored for her success as the founder of the Amicable Divorce Network and creator of the Amicable Divorce Process. Tracy Ann Moore-Grant, a partner with Patterson Moore Butler in Cumming, was honored for her success as the founder of the Amicable…

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What Happens to the Dog in a Divorce?

Who keeps the family dog? More and more, pet custody is becoming a contested issue in divorce cases. Join this discussion with pet custody specialist Karis Nafte who presents the key issues when looking at pet custody. She explains the different factors that should be looked at, the dog’s perspective, and provides key tips on…

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How to use ChatGPT in your Legal Practice

Join us to view this special Amicable Divorce Network event focusing on the new technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the website and app-ChatGPT. We discuss how it works, what it is, and some prompts you can use to incorporate it into your legal practice. Presenter Lindsay Kennedy runs Legal Reinforcements, a business that connect law firms…

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