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Top 10 Complaints We Hear About Divorce Litigation

  1. Harmful to children - Prevents healthy co-parenting.
  2. Inherently adversarial - Encourages extreme positions; aggravates problems that led to the divorce; brings out the worst in people; lacks dignity and civility; divorced couple part as bitter enemies engendering a lifetime of bad feelings.
  3. Lack of control - “runaway train” effect; no road map or definite end point.
  4. Stressful - pushes people to the psychological breaking point.
  5. Expensive - fees spiral out of control.
  6. Backward looking - encourages blame; thus, emphasizes the worst of the marriage and prevents people from parting with any good memories intact; causes people to "regret" the entire marriage as being some kind of failure.
  7. Time consuming - involves seemingly endless procedures and proceedings.
  8. Confusing – based on court calendars, complex rules and confusing legalese; not intuitive or linear.
  9. Wasteful – inefficient use of otherwise valuable professionals.
  10. Public - personal and professional reputations are tarnished or destroyed, private facts are revealed as used as weapons